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Configuring Server PHP Mail


  • VerenManta started the conversation


    I am using your template in Laravel 5.4 and I am figuring out how to make the contact form work. But it says I have to configure my PHP Mail configuration. But what does that mean precisely? Do I have to connect it to a PHP mailer script or do I just need to change some settings? Wasn't entirely sure so I thought I'd ask before I changed the code. 
    Thanks in advance and great template! 

  • VerenManta replied

    Ohgod, when I uploaden the website from my vegrant box virtual environment to my live environment it suddenly worked, My bad and this topic may be closed!

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    Nikita replied

    Hello. That is good news

    PHP code for contact form using mail() function. It is used mail server that configured on the most of hosts.

    - Kirillovykh Nikita, Founder of nK

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