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Demo content does not import correctly.


  • VataysMan started the conversation

    We discussed this previously.  However, I have since done what you recommended, i.e., imported the demo content manually.  It still does not work.  I just spent an hour on the phone with A2 Hosting who turned on PHP error logging and found no PHP errors when attempting to import this demo content.  In the end, A2 Hosting tech support said that this problem lies in the theme software and that I need to contact technical support for the theme to get this sorted out.

    So, the problem is still that I cannot successfully import the "Shooter" demo content into the Youplay theme.  It always generates an Error: 0

    All WP settings are at the theme recommended settings.

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    Nikita replied


    Generally import may fails when some shared hostings limits php execution time (or other php configurations). Importer can't complete the process and fails just because php stopped work.

    Widget with Recommended settings is not guarantee that import will work. For example, on our server we have this configuration:

    But import works just fine, without any troubles. So, these recommendations may solve the problems, but on some hosts import will still not work ok.

    Please, explain what is not imported for you manually. And provide a temporary admin login to your admin, I'll try to import the shooter demo.

    - Kirillovykh Nikita, Founder of nK

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