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half a second lag when navigating menu


  • misterkofa started the conversation

    First off, love this theme. However, a few issues.

    1. There seems to be a half second lag when navigating the menus. It doesn't seem to happen when I previewed the theme. And I'm not sure which plugins to remove as I don't know if it will break the site.

    2. The slideshow(portfolio) is very unintuitive but I figured it out. Somewhat. I would like the text on the left side in the middle to change with each image. How do I do that?

    3. Elements on the pages have too much space in between them. I couldn't find where to adjust this globally.

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    Nikita replied


    1. The pages loaded by ajax and while it is requesting, you see the "lag" and this loading icon:

    On the demo it is also have a small loading time. You can improve page loading time by using caching plugins, on the demo used Autoptimize and WP Super Cache. Maybe it will slightly improve ajax loading time.

    2. It is only possible with code customization (JS and maybe PHP), but we are not provide this type of services. These texts created as page title and description, not the slide image description.

    3. You can try to change it using custom CSS. By default <p> tags has 30px bottom margins. You can see the styles of elements using Browser Inspector https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/inspect-styles/. Example for paragraphs:

    And the same for all other blocks, you need to change them all manually using custom CSS.

    Best regards, nK.

  • misterkofa replied

    Thanks for the response.

    Can I at least make the text on the middle left a link? We tested the page and everyone agreed it feels weird that all the other text on the page is clickable except for this, but I don't see an option in the template. I'm going to do some research as I wait for your reply.

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    Nikita replied


    There is no option to set links on the page title. But you can change it in file umbrella/template-parts/layout-titles.php